Watties Banana & Apple Porridge Pouch 120g



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Wattie’s banana & apple porridge purée for babies from 6 months onwards. Delicious for breakfast! enjoy cold or warm. Our recipes are prepared with great care and attention using quality ingredients. No artificial colours or flavours, No added salt or sugar, No preservatives, Made with - 3 1/2 slices of banana, 3 1/2 tsp of oat bran, full cream milk, Simply preserved by heating and sealing in the goodness, Suitable for babies from 6 months onwards. Great as a snack or dessert for older babies and toddlers. Wattie's baby food provides yummy flavours and wholesome meal varieties to nourish little tummies.

Made in Australia

Fruit (Banana,Apples), Apple Juice, Water, Full Cream Milk, Oat Bran, Cream, Vitamin C


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